Research and Development

Smart technologies are changing the preventive health narrative. Over the next five to ten years, our healthcare in America and beyond will encourage us to move from a reactive society, conditioned to seek care after an event, to a proactive society, learning how to eat, stay active, and treat your mind. HIL, has invested a significant amount of effort into understand this space and deploying consumer solutions that encompass a holistic view point of human performance mastery. We believe that digital physical and digital devices compliment the mobile lifestyle of our current and future generations.

User Experience and Industrial Design 

Our user experience and industrial design services focus on the front end of product exploratory development. Our process involves both qualitative and quantitive research methods.  User, design, mobile and usability research are a significant part of every program.  We use scenario development, conceptual sketching, use cases, and iterative prototyping to communicate our findings in the field. HIL, conducts usability testing in simulated environments with users to vet proof of concepts and elicit feedback.

This is leveraged in the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) phase, to test the core features sufficient for deployment. The intent is to use the data collected to validate, that the initial problem or goal has been solved in a manner sufficient to move forward. This method is especially relevant in Internet of Things (IoT) space of connected physical devices and digital experiences.

Innovation Workshops

These hands-on workshops are collaborative sessions offering the opportunity to test-drive design tools on usability and technical areas of R+D and product development. Participants walk away with frameworks that they can apply in their daily work. There are four innovation workshops covering: wearable healthcare technologies, how to build innovation teams, a wearable tech deep-dive session, and a focused wearable problem solving workshop. HIL, also offer a one-week go-to-market boot camp. An intensive proof-of-concept designed for implementation and deployment of a scalable IoT device.

Innovation Lectures

Our team of experienced, industrial designers, healthcare strategists, ux researchers, ux designers, scientists and engineers will stimulate your group with challenging ideas and thought provoking insights that are intended to influence your organization’s R+D outcomes. HIL, provides qualitative and quantitative insights into developing early stage smart wearables. Our goal is to spur thought leadership into your organization and to tightly focus on tangible, scalable solutions based on new business models. We’d like to help push the innovation needle in your organization.

Our Expertise

  • Disruptive, outcome driven, incremental, product and service innovation
  • Translating exploratory, basic, and applied research into scalable solutions
  • Identifying product roadmap opportunities
  • Developing consumer facing wearables and embedded systems for IoT
  • Developing plug and play strategies with reuse and sustainable components
  • Expertise in health monitoring, data analytics, and predictive modeling for behavioral modification
  • Outcome specific, scalable business models using health data
  • User research, user experience and user interface design
  • Device utilization scenarios, use cases, and wearable system strategies
  • Reference Design, Proof of Concept, Minimum Viable Product with Technology Readiness Levels
  • Usability testing, simulated and actual environments
  • Usability pilots, technical feasibility, deployment
  • Material science of soft and hard goods, safe on or in-body applications