Our People

We are a agile multidisciplinary team combining the the best grey matter from Research, Science, Engineering, Medicine, Data Science and Industrial Design. We are currently partnering and working with other OEM’S with deep expertise to collaboratively work on POC’s to gain knowledge in this dynamic and ever changing field of IOT and connected devices to push the boundaries of using wearables in preventive health.


Our founder, Stephanie Battista is an industrial designer and the design director of the labs who has dedicated her career to active lifestyle and optimal human performance using consumer wearable devices for over 15 years. Her expertise is in early stage research and development of proof of concept on-body or in-body systems. She focuses on the integration of smart technologies, data collection, analysis, material science, and user experience to deliver a rich knowledge of the senses.


Our team includes expertise from ethnography, research and development, user experience, human factors, business strategy, interaction design, data science, systems, mechanical and electrical engineering, software and hardware development, service design, material science, and design for manufacturing.

Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board provides non-binding strategic advice to the management of Humanity Innovation Labs. The informal nature of our advisory board gives us greater flexibility in our structure and management.