Observing, Experimenting, Implementing… with Beer

Observing, Experimenting, Implementing… with Beer: A Brewery Case Study in Digital Transformation

For small and medium-sized factories, leading-edge technology implementations can be daunting. But with the right strategy, they can be much easier—and more cost-effective—than they initially seem. In this presentation, we take you on a tour of a brewery in transition between old and new to highlight pathways to impactful technology implementations. First, we highlight how observing work and workers inside a factory can reveal practical opportunities for technology implementations. Then, we introduce the unique capability of the Renaissance Engineer to act on these observations from the ground up in both formal implementations initiated by leadership and experimental implementations initiated by in-house engineering. Connecting this case study with our participation in Intel’s recent research on co-evolving workers and technology in the factory, this presentation will provide practical suggestions for bringing humans and technology together to accelerate the future of manufacturing.

Smart Manufacturing Track

Manufacturing & Technology Conference https://www.mfgtechshow.com/mts19/Public/Sessions.aspx?ID=1070978&sortMenu=103003

April 2nd, 2019

Breakout Session by

Janell Rothenberg, Research Consultant, Humanity Innovation Labs, Speaker

Jason Adams, Renaissance Engineer, Avery Brewery Company, Speaker