Cosmic Creations, NASA + AMA Studios

This week HIL’s partner AMA Studios is in the news exploring art that reflects technology. Featuring artist 757 Jon Levy, animator from AMA studios, the animation creators for NASA.

Jon Levy’s lifelong passion for design began with the chance encounter with a 1938 Talbot-Lago, an exotic Italian-designed, French-made sports car housed just a short bike ride from Jon’s childhood home. While it was a car that first got Jon’s attention, the real draw was a desire to learn more about industrial design from one of the field’s pioneers. After high school, he studied design at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. After an internship at the renowned Brooks Stevens design firm and further education Jon has gone on to create animation and special effects for feature films, television and multi-meida presentations. The key to his industry success has been his ability to lead a talented team of artists, interpret client needs and create outstanding design within real world production constraints. Learn more at and watch a clip

Stephanie Battista