Innovating with Existing Organizations

Join us October 26th, 2017, 7:30am at the Ruby Receptionist for a 90 minute workshop on developing new products and services. Technology Association of Oregon is sponsoring the event and Humanity Innovation Labs will be hosting this interactive workshop.

Summary: “Guiding teams to be more innovative within existing organizations is full of challenges. There is rarely a separate budget or additional resources available. In these situations leveraging creative problem solving tools can empower teams to think and work differently. Learn the about the ingredients each member needs to bring to the table and how using a few powerful design tools can lead to a greater chance of team success.”

Join us the morning of Thursday, Oct 26th for an interactive workshop on innovating within your company, led by Hummanity Innovation Labs.  Yes, it’s early, but we’ll have plenty of caffeine!

Stephanie Battista