WOW Women

The WOW, Women of Wear are a community of women in Wearable Tech, Fashion Tech, IOT, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Based in London, Manchester and Berlin. Michelle and Marija, both ex lawyers-turned-entrepreneurs, passionate about women in tech, the world of wearables, fashion tech and VR/AR. After being in the wearable tech industry for the last 3 years founding our own start ups Made With Glove and Kisha Smart Umbrella, found a lack of women and diverse teams in this industry which is the very reason they founded Women of Wearables (WoW).

WoW is UK’s and Europe’s first organisation that inspires, supports and connects women in wearable tech, fashion tech, IoT and VR/AR by providing visibility, support, mentorship and connections for our community through our events and wearable tech workshops. Its mission is to encourage more women and diverse teams to participate in building hardware and software products as designers, product managers and developers or being founders of their own companies, as well as create more jobs for women in STEM.

WoW has a growing global community of female founders, product and UX designers, developers, smart textile designers, executives and managers, as well as startups, industry partners, universities, accelerators and incubators and supports its growing community of women and girls in the tech space through monthly meetups, panels, mentorship and collaboration with its partners and communities worldwide.

WoW also delivers workshops to girls between the ages of 10-18 / women to make their own wearable and e-textiles projects. Through this, we can help to reduce the gender and diversity gap that is apparent in these industries and encourage and inspire more girls to choose STEM subjects for a career.

Stephanie Battista