People Are The Positioning

Communication is Personal. Always.

There’s an old saying that “all things equal, you want to do business with your friends”. But the real truth is that all things being unequal, you still want to do business with your friends. The people behind the business relationship is where the actual value, loyalty, and affinities lie, even between organizations. People will work harder, listen better and collaborate deeper with people they believe in, trust, and of course – actually like.

We recently ran across this truth when partnering with Humanity Innovation Labs, a leading wearables design research firm, run by one of the earliest experts in the field: Stephanie Battista.

XO Partnered with Humanity Innovation Labs to help clarify their unique value and experience to the market, through powerful new brand messaging. They have an amazing portfolio of innovative work, for some of the most demanding and forward looking organizations—such as US Government Agencies, Large OEM + ODM Tech companies specializing in Human Performance and IoT.

The task was simple, but difficult. How can you create clear brand language for a category that few people really understand? By making the process, services and offering relate back to how Stephanie and her team really think about the work. They have a future vision that you believe in when you meet them. The messaging has to communicate that idealism and direction from the outset.



Stephanie Battista