Using Browzwear for Smart Clothing Design

When thinking through design considerations in wearables, there are always challenges to overcome when integrating soft and hard goods. Part of that complexity revolves around knowing what tools to use early on in the design process to visualize and communicate potential solutions. Humanity Innovation Labs believes in hybrid approaches to design, meaning we find that the solutions are typically somewhere in the middle of a yes and approach. The combined expertise is needed from apparel, design, and engineering in order to develop a functional smart garment that is appropriate for the use case. Browzwear is one of the latest innovative software tools we have added to our arsenal for visualizing concepts.  Lisha Sanders, who heads up 3D simulations and pattern making, has over 20 years of experience in the apparel industry. Her expertise in pattern making is crucial for garment construction. Her ability to ask the right questions from design and engineering teams makes her an incredible asset during the prototyping phase of development. Below is our hybrid approach we have been actively working on in order to integrate electronics into apparel. Reach out to learn more about this design service and or have us digitize a sewing pattern for you.

Stephanie Battista