Mobility and Technology

HIL, Humanity Innovation Labs has spent the last three years prototyping our service model as a mobile consultancy. Which has brought us to a maturity stage that is in preparing us for the process of transforming from a service provider to a technology company.

Exploratory research and development is all about working in the future and envisioning applications and usages of technology i.e. the what if’s scenarios. In that there are layers of complexity and ambiguous constraints. In addition to capabilities and the uncertainties of tangible outcomes. Knowledge, expertise, and resources end up driving much of the possibilities into a bitesize scope of what’s realistic within intelligent technologies i.e. physical devices or embedded software. 

The usefulness of this is - how to retain innovative thinking at scale without losing the niche of a small niche business.

As we continue to spend time with organizations like Design For America and universities like Portland State University we recognize the sheer value of tribal knowledge passed through conversations about design and scale. Hybrid methodologies, multidisciplinary teams, and technologies are thee focus of this ever changing landscape. 

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Stephanie Battista