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Short Duration Sensor

Single Use Flu Monitoring Devices.  HIL’s initial focus was to discover a low-cost monitoring device for the flu, designed for families where both parents are working and the children are in day care or school.

HIL developed a 7-day single use, low cost, biosensor device that could be applied by the physician after diagnosis and worn during the duration of the contagious period. This device provided additional comfort to those who they come into contact with.

The device has a subtle LED indicator that lights in green when the patient is no longer contagious. The biometric measurements are continuous and include heart rate, respiratory, skin temperature, and activity monitoring. The lightweight, flexible, second-skin electronic device is applied in a unobtrusive manner and has a special adhesive that is safe for the skin and allows for traditional hygiene due to the waterproof coating.

FLU, can be worn discreetly on the wrist, arm or other inconspicuous part of the body.