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Humanity Innovation Labs is an agile consultancy that offers exploratory research and design services for ingenious proof of concepts in wearables i.e physical devices, smart apparel and digital experiences.  Get in touch with us to learn more about our research and design services; get paid to be a research participant; become a provider of our ecosystem; or subscribe to our newsletter and eCourses.

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1455 NW Irving Street, Suite #200
Portland, OR 97029

Toll Free: 888.525.4449

Portland: 503.386.7003

Humanity Innovation Labs collects, utilizes, and stores the data you provide for the purpose of meeting your request for contact, to participate in our exploratory research and development of new products and services, to become a provider, or to subscribe to our newsletter and eCourses. Your data will be used exclusively for the reasons mentioned and will not be disclosed to third parties. HIL abides by US data privacy standards and protocols and protects your identity and stores the sensitive information you provide securely. We appreciate you taking part of our community and furthering human performance technologies for wearable applications. This is optional to share your personal information and you can opt-out without consequences at anytime by not submitting or sending an email to us.