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People, business, and technology are all complex, especially people.

Our hybrid eight step design process blends research, design and engineering for exploratory development of proof of concept and minimum viable products. We leverage your organizational thinking and industry expertise in order to map the company objectives to the appropriate stages outlined below. HIL's process directly correlates to the type of a la carte design services we offer and are integral to developing early stage wearable devices, smart apparel and apps.



Preliminary Investigation

Gathering preliminary technical, market and competitive analysis of prior company research, internet based literature, and patent search for proposed concept. Time invested in the stage results in framing and defining the problem.



User research is conducted to understand the needs, behaviors and motivations through a mixture of qualitative and quantitative methodologies. HIL uses a hybrid approach of mobile, virtual and in person research methods to provide an in depth understanding of every day users and their lives. All research tactics are used to explore, discover and validate design solutions for the audience we intend to impact.



The creative process of forming and thinking through design ideas. Using a variety of techniques i.e. mind mapping, brainstorming, story boarding, sketching, and scenario development. These activities are used to develop concepts relevant to the user requirements identified in research.



Exploration of proposed concepts that can be tested and validated by users in low-high fidelity methods. Software and hardware prototypes range from the alpha - iterative to beta - functional.



Usability Testing

Usability and pilot testing are low-high fidelity experiments designed for users in simulated and actual environments. Users are asked to complete tasks, while being observed by a researcher to observe and assess the ease or complexity of use. 



This phase of product development is used to bridge the gap between the preliminary design conception and high-level detailed design. Full product evaluation is conducted and crucial to the design process. The engineering team is tasked with addressing the design specifications, requirements, and outstanding conceptual challenges.


MINIMUM Viable Product

MVP is a development technique used for new product versions of software and hardware. Including the minimal feature set required for early adopters i.e. customers to provide feedback on. Balancing risk with gain is essential before developing the complete set of features in the final product.



Deployment of software and hardware within Internet of Things is a customized process consisting of several interrelated activities. Validating the design solution pre-deployment requires clear objectives to prove out functionality, technical feasibility, interoperability and scalability.



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Humanity Innovation Labs is an agile consultancy that offers exploratory research and design services for ingenious proof of concepts in wearables i.e physical devices, smart apparel and digital experiences.  Get in touch with us to learn more about our research and design services; get paid to be a research participant; become a provider of our ecosystem; or subscribe to our newsletter and eCourses.

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